Thursday, 27 November 2014


Kapiltheertham is located in Tirupati town, which is 1.5 Miles from TirupathiRailway station and busstand.  And 1 kilometer from Alipiri.

According to inscriptions it is said that Saint Kapil Maharishi lived and worshipped inthis cave before Lord shiva. As such it is called Kapil Theertham .

GODDESS  KAMASHIDEVI, alongwith Lord SHIVA is worshipped with pomp in kapileswara swamy Temple..
Excellent waterfalls here are very attractive during rainy season.The water  from  Seshachala Hills flows here and forms into  Kapiltheertham  Waterfalls. Devotees take bath  under this waterfall.
 The waterfalls is also said to be holy and it is believed that according to the  Hindu calendar in the month of ‘Kartika’, which generally falls in between October and November, on a particular auspicious date, all the ‘theerthas ‘ in the universe merge to flow into Kapilatheertham.
Big statue  of Nandhi greets piligrims and blesses as they enter into temple.
Piligrims visiting Tirupathi Lord venkateswara visit this place in their Tour..
Kapiltheertham is located hardly 4Kms From Tirupathi Bustand.

Nithyabhisheka is perfomed  and impartant celebrations include 
Vinayaka Utsavam, Annabhishekam, Karthika Deepam, Float Festival, Maha Sivarathri, Skanda Sashti, Arudra Darsanam Utsavam, Devi Navarathri Utsavam, Kamakshi Devi Chandana Alankara
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