Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sri Durga Bhagavathy temple -Thrikkavu

Thrikkavu Sri Durga Bhagavathy Temple, the abode of Durga Devi is an ancient temple situated in ponani in Malappuram district in Kerala. Goddess Durga is the main deity of this centuries old temple. Even though authentic details are not available about the age of the temple, it is considered as one of the 108 Durga temples consecrated by Lord Parasurama in Kerala. It is believed that the name Thrikkavu originated from " Thrikkani Kaadu”. The legend regarding the origin of the Temple goes to the period of Lord Parasurama’s incarnation. After reclaiming the land of Kerala, throwing his “Sruvam” in the ocean, Lord Parasurama consecrated one hundred and eight Durga Temples along the cost land and the same number of Siva Temples along the high land for the security of the people, fauna and flora of Kerala. It is believed that Sri Durga Temple of Thrikkavu is one among them. The Sthothra about Durgalayas recited by the present old generation seem to have omitted thrikkavu. It might be perhaps of the same reason that has affected so many sthothras that were passed through ears from generation to generation. As the thrikkavu Durga Kshetra has the same structure and mode of worship has the other Durgalayas no one can disown the legend believed by the devotees of Thrikkavu Durga Bhagavathy. The Devi is here in her Chathurbhaahu (four arms) form with Chakra (disc), Sankha (conch), Varada (in a boon-conferring pose) and katibadha (arm rest in the hip). Thrikkavu Bhagavathy is believed to be “Sarvabeeshtapradhayini” (one who grants all wishes) and numerous bhakthas have stories legion to tell of her supreme benevolence. The Bhagavathy is worshipped in two different forms Durga and Saraswati. Apart from the main deity, the temple complex consists of Krishna temple and Upa-Devatha temples for Mahaganapathi, Sasthavu, Sidhi Vinayakan, Hanuman and Brahma Rakshass. There is Moola Ganapathy Temple near the pond (Kshetrakulam) along with Naga Raja, Naga Yakshi and Naga pratishtas. It is the presence of the Temple that gave the place around it the name Thrikkavu. The word means the “grove of Sree” Sree is the short form of Sree Devi - Sree Bhagavathy i.e. Durga. Thrikkavu temple is more than a temple. It is a temple complex. There is another full fledged temple in the same compound, to the north of Sri Durga Temple. This is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The idol of Sree Durga faces eastward. The deity is supposed to be Varadurga who blesses all the devotees. Decorated with sandal paste, ornaments and garlands the deity is a charm to see. Standing before the Goddess you feel that your mind is filled with calm and serenity. You have a reverberating sound from deep within. You are elevated to ecstasies. The whole Sanctum Sanctorum reflects in your mind. You realize the innermost meaning of the profound statement ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ (I am Brahma). To the south of the Sreekovil in the chuttambalam there is the shrine of Ganapathy. Outside the chuttambalam in the southwest corner there is a temple for Lord Ayyappa and in the northwest corner, one for Brahma Rakshas.