Monday, 28 September 2015


Unless and otherwise drainage system is properly maintained the dream of Smart City remains as dream.
It is known fact that every year Urban Population raises by 10% irrespective of the fact that whether it is semi urban or urban or Municipality or metropolitan or Cosmopolitan,
 People come from villages for better education , medical needs or in pusiut of jobs. The Urban places with better infrastructure attract more people for their living.
When we get more population with earning capabilities, stays in that particular place , generate income it contributes to economy of that particular place, country and global economy.
In the creation of infrastructure Drainage plays major Role.
If Drainage is not maintained properly the following problem may crop up:
1. Overflowing of drainages leads to water flow on to roads-- resulting diseases.
2. Overflowing of drain ages leads to Stagnation of water on roads leading to damage of roads.
3. Damages roads bring hell to earth to those who suffer from Back Ache , Operated, just conceived,
    Pregnant women, Operated woman or man.
4. Damaged roads also lead to accidents less in day light and more in night.
5. If Drainage system is not up to mark , investment on Roads gets wasted.
6.Improper drainage system also leads to contamination of water ,leading to water borne diseases.
7. Improper Drainage system , flooding of roads lead to traffic jams resulting loss of Valuable man hours, loss of revenue and employment.
8. Improper drainage system leads to Dislocation and woes to population.

Problems caused by poor drainage

Removing stormwater and household waste water (sometimes called

“Sullage”) is an important environmental health intervention for reducing

disease. Poorly drained storm water forms stagnant pools that provide breed-

ing sites for disease vectors. Because of this, some diseases are more common

in the wet season than the dry season. Household waste water may also

contain pathogens that can pollute groundwater sources, increasing the risk

of diseases such as lymphatic filariasis. Poor drainage can lead to flooding,

resulting in property loss, and people may even be forced to move to escape

floodwater. Flooding may also damage water supply infrastructure and
  contaminate domestic water sources
What are the steps required to be taken to maintain good drainage system
1. Silt in the drains should be cleaned regularly. If necessary machines should be employed,THE SILT removing operation should aim at 0% Over flow or leakage.of drains
2. Whenever drainage covers are arranged in the middle of the road, It should be strong work, wherein Drainage manhole is Very Strong and filling around it is very strong.passing of vehicles on it should not damage its construction.
3.Whenever new drainage connection is given to household the filling between drainage hole and residence where connection is given should be strong.
4. Steps to reduce rain water overflow both on roads as well as in drains.
5. Under ground drainage system should be efficient and easily manageable.
6.Urban authorities should have proper control over the functioning , designing should help in reduction in maintenance.

60-70 Years, Design should accommodate provision for   easy expansion  whenever required.
Reasearch also should be encouraged and R&D work should be done continuously.

Who can execute;
The concerned Municipal,  ward,  public Health office, ward member and public.
Where there are leaks online complaints should float from public and should be addressed immediately. Complaint waiting for readdress beyond 24 hours should be intervened by higher ups.
A clean City attracts good number of tourists, who can contribute to the GDP and employment.
A clean City attracts sophisticated offices, services, institutions.
A clean drainage system also curbs the rat menace.
Govt, politicians, Bureaucrats should work on this meticulously so that the cleanliness of that particular place is talked about every where.
Utilization of Youth, Corporates , students, Residents makes it a great movement.
Ultimately drainage system should be well planned , well guided, expertise, wherever required mechanized, well maintained and should be treated as emergency and essential item.
Ultimately the aim should be Ideal City/Most liked City.