Friday, 11 September 2015

Kochi World 1st Solar Powered Airport.

The Kochi Airport has made India  proud by becoming first in the world  Solar powered Airport in India on August 18 .
The electricity required for the Airport is produced through 12 MW solar power plant established in 45 Acers.

Initially  the project was started as pilot project and  escalated with continuous monitoring.
The project looks very promising and a model.
The plant will be connected to the Kerala State Electricity Board grid (KSEB),  and metered by KSEB, the excess power generated will be supplied to the state run grid on a daily basis. The extra power transferred to grid can be utilized on cloudy days.
The  airport expects to recover  the investment of Rs. 62 Crores within six years on supplying power to state at Rs.4 per unit.
Eventhough Enironmentalists welcomed ,voiced concern about the heat generated.
Necessary steps to compensate the heat by planting trees and other measures to make the attempt complete environment Friendly.
The effort and initiative of the Airport personnel is commendable.