Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Bull Temple is situated in Bangalore, dedicated to Nandi the vahana of Lord Shiva. The temple is situated in Basavangudi. Kempagowda , the founder of Bangalore got the temple built during his time.  Bull Temple is One of the important places to see in Bangalore and draws  devotees from all over the  world.
The architecture is stunning. The architecture of  temple makes it very attractive. The Idol is carved  out of single rock. The huge idol Nandi(Bull) is carved out of a single Rock measuring 4.5 meters in Height and 6.5 meters in length, One of the largest murthis in the world. The bull has one Iron Plate on Head , it is believed that  it prevents  the bull from growing. The statue has great backdrop of God Surya and Godess Chandra on their chariots, which provides superfluous sight. It is belived VISWA Bharathi River originates at the feet of this statue.
The legend says that the Bull Temple was built to appease a bull that used to consume and destroy all the groundnuts and peanuts cultivated in the area.After the temple was built Bull stopped damaging the crop.
Bungle Rock aged about 3000 million years is located behind the temple, which has generated wide interest among the scientific community. Every year on last Monday and Tuesday on Hindu month of karthika, ground nut fair is organized and groundnut is offered to the deity.