Thursday, 19 May 2016


Mallela Theertham is waterfall located in Nallamala Forests in Mahaboobnagar District. It is 58 kms from Srisailam and  185 km from Hyderabad.The Krishna River flows through this area.
The water is culmination of flow of small streams flowing from different parts of Nallamala Forest, in the area. Since the fall of water takes place from a wide rock , when the water falls from full width it looks like a water curtain. Best time to watch waterfall  is October to March, Eventhough the flow gets smaller in summer , the place looks beautiful throughout the year. In summer is a great escape  under densely populated trees with a small stream. The flow of this water atlast reaches mighty Krishna River. The location of this waterfall on Hyderabad to Srisailam Road and its approach to this Road 9kms makes it more accessable, However  it is muddy terrain on rainy days To access the waterfall 350 steps walkdown is required.
It is said many sages performed penace at this place for lord Shiva, who appeared  in recognition of penace and gave boons and blessings. Having bath in this falls is auspicious and pleases Lord Shiva.
Mallela theetham waterfall is 9km from Highway ( Hyderabad and Srisailam).Large number of tourists visit this place .

The attraction of this Theertham, Waterfall, is 150 ft Height waterfall and picturistic surroundings scenic beauty and activities for tourist, apart from being a good picnic spot.
It is a good place to hangouts for students, and employees in the weekends.
The flow  to water fall starts from some distance in the forest ,  and flow reaches River Krishna after 8 kms at achampet.
Since it is little remote always carrying food and other picnic items is advisable.
Trekking , River Crossing,sliding team games and  camp fire are activities