Sunday, 28 August 2016

Heli tourism to Srisalam Bramaramba Mallikarjuna swamy Temple Srisailam

Heli Tourism for Srisailam inaugurated.
Hyderabad to Srisailam and back to Hyderabad trip costs Rs,15000/-.per Head by Helicopster (Summit Aviation) The Air journey from Hyderabad to Srisailam is 45 minutes. In addition to Hyderabad to Srisailam and back to Hyderabad trip , the temple staff take devotees directly to AC Room in a vehicle,  Kumkumarchana  Abhishek to God  Mallikarjunaswamy at Srisalam Bramaramba Mallikarjuna swamy Temple. Later,Devotees wil be taken to patalaganga (Krishna River) on ropeway and boating is organised at extra cost of Rs.2000/- per head .( Govt is planning to withdraw  this Rs. 2000/)-.
Fo those , who want to utilize Helicopter services on reaching Srisailam, a joy trip is being arranged at Srisailam at a price of Rs. 2500/-  for 10 minutes , wherin beauty of Krishna River, Nallamala Hills can be viewed.
More details can be had over Phone Number 94402 57312 or Srisailsam Temple information center.

Thursday, 25 August 2016


Keeludu, an Yaksha, in the form of mountain performed great   penance (vigorous Tapasya) for Maa
Durga..Pleased by tapasya Maa  Durga  appeared before him offered  him boon (Vara)..Keeludu, with all his devotion asked Maa Durga to stay in his heart ( Hrudaya kuharam) (Cave).
Then Durgamma asked Keela to stay and wait at the shore of the River Krishna.
After eliminating Durgamasura  in her fierce avatara of Durga, as per the word given to Keeludu stayed at Keeladri( top of the hill).
On seeing her Ugra (fierce) Roopa , Indra , the lord of heavens(Indra) and other angels asked her to take a dip in Krishna River and cool herself as nobody can bear her fierce and ferocious incarnation.
Accordingly Maa Kanaka Durga  has taken dip in Krishnaveni , the Krishna River ,cooled down.
From that day Maa Durga started staying at this place which is named as Indrakeeladri.
Indra keeladri is the place where Arjuna(Maha Bharatha) did Tapasya and secured astras from Shiva. Arjuna , during his Ajnathavas Kept his armour on a tree (Samee Vrusha) at this place.pray to Samee Vrusha
Even today, devotees  pray to (Samee Vrusha)  at this place.
The temple of Lord Shiva  on the HIll gives us chance to Pray to Lord shiva where abhishekas are performed regularly.
From time immemorial Angels, Mahrishis, Rishis ,Sages , Saints had Darshan of Maa Kanaka Durga for her blessings.
Kaalika puraana, Durgaa sapthashati and other vedic literature have mentioned about Goddess Kanaka Durga on the Indrakeelaadri and have described the deity as Swayambhu, in Triteeya kalpa.
Vijayawada Kanakadurga temple is very famous temple and Dasara is celebrated with pomp
Vijayawada is situate in Andhra pradesh, India which is big Railway junction. Connecting East India and North India with south India.

Friday, 19 August 2016


PV Sindhu rewrites history for India in Olympics  by winning Silver Medal in 2016 Rio Olympics  by becomming first Indian woman to reach such pinnacle.
She has come a long way — from a 16-year-old watching Saina Nehwal win the 2012 London Olympics bronze to being India's lone badminton medal hope in the 2016 Games.
10th Global Rank, Indian, faught till end and lost to World No 1 Spanish Carlina Marilona  with21-19, 12-21, 15-21 a tough match in which Carolina was forced to earn each point aginst tough fight.
Till the last point the match was alive.
Sindhu defeated World No:5 and world No 2  wang yihan of China.on her way to reach final.
Her jouney to finals denotes her eligibility to stand beside Gold Medalist World No 1 as she defeated World No 5 and world No: 2 to reach finals.
Her victory made India forget the exit of  Saina Nehawal  from olympics as saina was nursing Knee injury  effecting her performance.The injury happened during pre olympic training and got aggravated during olympics restricting her leg movement in the olympics.
PV Sindhu lightened up spirits of 125 crore Indians by winning Silver Medal for India in Rio Olympics 2016.
We should also thank Coach Pullela Gopichand, her Parents P. Vijaya and P. Venkata Ramana, family for nurturing and presenting such a star, PV SINDHU , for India.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


PV  Sindhu storms into Rio Olympics 2016 Woman Badminon Finals.
PV Sindhu world No: 10 Ranker  Defeated 6th Seeded Nizomi Okuhara and bacame first woman Badminton player from India to enter Finals of Olympics woman Badminton. On her way to final she defated .world no;2 wang yihan of China.
She defeated Nizomi Okuhara with 21-19, 21-10. After tough fight in second set till 10-10 Sindhu stormed through to register her victory and reserve her place for Finals of Rio Olympics 2016, Woman Badminton.
She now faces Carlina Marin  World No1 Ranker Carolina Marin on 19.8.2016 in finals
in 2014 world champion she got medal omman wealth, Asain Games Silver,
Spain Marin
In 2102 she stunned Badmantion World with a win over Lodon Olympic 2012 Gold Medalist.Le Xuerui.
In 2013 , she beacme first Indian woman player to get Medal in World Champoinships
In 2014, She reached semifinals of World Cup in Denmark
PV sindhu the Arjuna Awardee and Padmasri awardee from Hyderabad will put forth her campaign  for Gold Medal in Rio Olympics  on 19.8.2016.
The Role of coach Mr. Pullela Gopichand is commendable in spotting and moulding PV Sindhu.

Sakshi Malik Wins Bronze At Rio 2016

Sakshi Malik first Indian woman Wrestler to win medal in Olympics,  wins Bronze Medal at Rio Olympics 2016 on wresatling 58 kg category.
Her spirited bout , coming from behind, down by 0-5 she finished with,8-5  in her favour to seal the bout against Aisuluu Tynybekova
 She says "Her 12 years dream to win  Olympic medal for country has come true. She fought till end and gave 100%."Also she mentioned the guidance she got from coaches and tips at the venue to attack  helped her more.". She thanked Wrestling Federation of India, Coaches , Family, Friends, co wrestlers, her employers. Also thanked her mentors for arranging Best medical facilities at the time of injuries.
She achieved this feat in the repechage round
Earlier she defeated Puravdorjiin Okrhon  by 12-3..
In Pre Quarter finals it was 5-5, Sakshi won on techinical point as she dominated the contest.
In quarterfinals she was defeated by Koblova  2-9..  Since Koblova reached Finals, Sakshi got qualified for Repechage.
Sakshi Malik , Haryana Girl made India proud by her never say die spirit..  She will be an inspiration to so many and draw to grounds for wrestling lessons.

Monday, 15 August 2016


Dipa Karmakar , Tripura girl, makes India proud, and makes millions of Indians Happy with her performance in Rio Olympics,eventhough she missed medal  by a whisker to get medal standing 4th.
Dipa karmakar is first woman from India to achieve this feat.
Inspite of all hurdles, to go to Rio ,finish fourth is no mean achievement.
The most commendable of it is Produnova (One of the most difficult and life risking ) manevour, so that maximum score is achieved  in view of its difficulty.
She was 3rd woman to land in Produnova 2 years ago.
. A vedio of Produnova 2 years ago by Dipa Karmakar.

It reuires lots traning, composition, training, world best apparatus, creating best mental frame, confidence , Zeal .
Even people who do not know much about gymnastics, its varieties, excercises started talking about gymnastics and atheletics.
Now whole India is behind her,
Difinitely she is an inspiration to youth of  India.
The story of how Dipa trained on a vault assembled from part of an old scooter is now olympian.
 With so much enthusiasm in youth, infrastructure, taining coaching, financial aid,Sponsor ship, Internationati facilities can work longway to fetch medals at Olympics, or world Games..

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Dipa Karmakar Creates History at Rio Olympics 2016 For India

On 7.8.2016 Dipa Karmakar  Scripts history by entering  Vault Finals in Rio Olympics 2016. She scored 14, 600 points .
The Tripura girl, Dipa Karmakar is first woman Althlete to reach Finals in Gymnasts for India.
Her sparkling performance made her script History for India. Incidentally this is  first appearance at Olympics for Dipa Karmakar.
In her First attempt she scored 15100 points. In second attempt 14,600 points enough to secure place in Vault Finals
Finals is scheduled to take place on 14.8.2016 for medal Hunt..
A great work.
Let us wish her the best for a medal in Finals.

Saturday, 6 August 2016


Godavari Antya pushkaras are scheduld to take place from 31st July 2016 to 11 August 2016.
The pushkaras are held alongside the shores of Godavari river at Kaleswaram, Darmapuri, Manthani,  kotilingala  and other placesTelangana Government has made security arrangements.
In  Andhra Pradesh Rajahmundry, kovvur, polavaram, narsapur, Antarvedi and other places . Government has geared up well for the event.
On 7th Sunday, there is expected to be large crowd for holy dip.

Significance of Antya pushkaras , those who could not take holy dip in Adi pushkaras can make up their failure by participating Antya pushkaras dip in Godavari River.

It is believed that taking dip in the river during pushkara time make one relieved and reduced  of doshas and sins. And Gods gives his blessings.
Since there has been heavy rains in the Godavari catchment areas ,floods in some area one should take care at the time of going to river

Danas (Alms) given during the period also have great punya penance .
Taking dip in the river in antya pushkaras has same effects as that of Adi pushkaras.
For more details please visit

Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Pushakara takes places, depending upon the travel of Jupiter to a particular sign. Each river has its own zodiac sign, Whenever Jupiter enters particular sign, pushkara takes place for that river.
Pushkara Lasts for One Year., as long as, Jupiter remains in particular sign, Pusharas take place for that river.
With reference to the sacred rivers, Pushkara means the one who energize the rivers and provide spiritual purification.
When Pushkar God travels through a river that river becomes Holy and more powerful, purified and energized.
The Krishna River born at Mahabaleswar in Karnatka travels through Maharastra, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and enters Bay of Bengal at Hamsala divi in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh.
On its way  it gives drinking water to crores of people and Irrigation water to lakhs of Acers providing food to mankind.
There are so many legends associted with the birth of this river. 
So many piligrim centers, such as
 Alampur --one of the eighteen shakti peethas-- Jogulamba Temple
Srisailam--One the Shakti Peethas,and one of the Jyotirlingas, Bhramaramba , Mallikarjuna Temple
Amaravathi- One of the panchramas, and Buddhist piligrim center, New capital of Andhra Pradesh. 
Vijayawada-Famous  Kanakadurga  temple on Indrakeeladri
---------to name a few.
For that matter, the krishna river on its bank is having innumerable piligrim centers.
Its journey through Sahayadri Hills, Nallamala, having Super dams such as Nagarjunasagar, Alamatti, Srisailam , till prakasam  barrage at vijayawada is life saver & annadata to many people
On the entry of Jupiter into Zodiac Sign to Virgo sign the Pushkara start to River the Krishna. On 12th August 2016 Jupiter Travel to Virgo Zodiac Sign and stays there till 11.9
First 12 days of Jupiter entering into Virgo Zodaic sign  has lots of prominence i.e., 12.8.2016 to 23.8.2016 for pushkara snana and other ceremonies.
Following are the activities that are performed during the pushkara times near the river:

·        Taking Bath in the Holy River during the above period one gets the blessing of God and punya.
·        Offering various Danas(Charity),  
·        Tarpan
·        Holy rituals like pitru karma performed on the banks of river during Pushkara times gives great solace to departed souls of the clan who does the rituals. 

Donation of following items in pushkaras gives great punya.

Donating the below mentioned items to the Brahmins during the pushkara period have a great impact in the life of individuals according to the danas
Every Dana performed have a unique impact accordingly.

Anna Dana, Gold, Silver, Bhoo-Dana, Rice, Ghee, Jaggery, Honey, Grandha (sacred text), Vasthra, Paada Raksha (Chappals), Umbrella, Hand Stick, Fan, Sayya (Bedding), Phala (Fruits), Bell (Ghanta), Paathra (brass/silver vessel), Asana (Mat), Nava Dhanya, Milk, Cow, Salagrama
For legend on pushkaras pl visit

AP Government and Telangana Governments are making elobarate arrangments for this event.Lakhs of devotees are expected to take dip in the river Krishna during the 12 days.
It is almost a mini Kumbha Mela.
Many of them perform  pitru tarpanas to the souls of their ancestors, which is believed to get the blessings of Forefathers and Gods. It is almost a mini Kumbha Mela.