Monday, 15 August 2016


Dipa Karmakar , Tripura girl, makes India proud, and makes millions of Indians Happy with her performance in Rio Olympics,eventhough she missed medal  by a whisker to get medal standing 4th.
Dipa karmakar is first woman from India to achieve this feat.
Inspite of all hurdles, to go to Rio ,finish fourth is no mean achievement.
The most commendable of it is Produnova (One of the most difficult and life risking ) manevour, so that maximum score is achieved  in view of its difficulty.
She was 3rd woman to land in Produnova 2 years ago.
. A vedio of Produnova 2 years ago by Dipa Karmakar.

It reuires lots traning, composition, training, world best apparatus, creating best mental frame, confidence , Zeal .
Even people who do not know much about gymnastics, its varieties, excercises started talking about gymnastics and atheletics.
Now whole India is behind her,
Difinitely she is an inspiration to youth of  India.
The story of how Dipa trained on a vault assembled from part of an old scooter is now olympian.
 With so much enthusiasm in youth, infrastructure, taining coaching, financial aid,Sponsor ship, Internationati facilities can work longway to fetch medals at Olympics, or world Games..

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