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VONTIMITTA Sri Kodandarama Swamy temple.

Moolavirat of Temple in Sri Kodandarama Swamy temple is Single Stone carved SITA RAMA LAKSHMANA Statue which is a marvelous  Moorthy(Statue). The Temple architecture is feast to Eyes.   Vontimitta is in Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh, India.which is located about 25 kilometers from the city of Kadapa and close to the town of Rajampet.
Vontimitta is located on the Highway between Hyderabad and Tirupati. Vontimitta is 117 Kms from Tirupathi , on the Hyderabad Route..Piligrims passing through this road i.e., Hyderabad to Tirupathi, Maharastra to Tirupati, North Karnataka to Tirupathi make it a point to visit this temple at ontimitta and derive great sense of happiness with the blessings of Sri Kodandaramaswamy, and enjoy the architecture of temple.
 It is a place of historical and cultural importance and is home to a 450 year old temple of Bhagawan Sree Rama known as the Sri Kodandarama Swamy temple.
 According to the legend, the temple had been constructed by two devotees (once they where burglars and they are transformed in to devotees) of Lord Rama, named 'Vontudu' and 'Mittudu', in one single day. After constructing the temple, they sacrificed their lives and turned into statues. You can find those statues, even now, at the entrance of the temple. Lord Rama statue was established by Lord Jambavanta. And it is the only place in India,where the Sree Seeta Rama kalyanam will be held in the night.
The great devotee of Sri Rama and composer Annamacharya is associated with this legendary temple and lived in Tallapaka located nearby. The temple is also associated with Jambuvantha of the Ramayana. The temple is noted for its sculpture and is notified as an Ancient Monument by the Archaeological Survey of India. The composite image in the garbhagriha of the temple is that of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita is  carved from a single rock. An Anjaneya or Hanuman temple is located close by.
Kishkindakanda, one of the 7 skandas of the Ramayana, is believed to have occurred in this region. The Anjaneya Swamy Gandi may also be part of the Ramayanam; it is believed that the Anjaneya Swamy Vigraham in Gandi is made by Sri Rama on a hill stone with his arrow's point to acknowledge Anjaneya's help him in finding Sri Sita Devi.
The main mandapam, built by the Vijayanagar kings, has a dancing Vigneswara. Saint-poet Tallapaka Annamacharya is said to have visited the place and sung in praise of the deity in his keerthanas. All the Sankaracharyas of the Advaita Mutts, heads of Ahobila Mutts and Mahakavi Kshetrayya have visited the temple, which was recently taken over by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD). The Sri Kodandarama temple at Vontimitta is said to be the only Rama temple in the country without Anjaneya beside the main deity.
The idol of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita is said to have been installed by Jambuvantha. The walls and pillars of the temple are embellished with intricate carvings. Near the temple is a Rama theertham, a Lakshmana theertham and a meditation hall. It is said that Rama and Lakshmana struck the earth with arrows to bring out the Pathalaganga to quench the thirst of living creatures.
Mahakavi Bammera Pothana born and belong to bammera village of warangal district in telangana region spent his some short time at Vontimitta and dedicated his Mahabhagavatham to the deity. Vavilakolanu Subba Rao, known as Andhra Valmiki for translating Valmiki’s Ramayana into Telugu, is immortalised in the annals of Andhra Pradesh. He has dedicated his work to the deity in Vontimitta.
Tallapaka, six kilometres from Rajampet town, is the birthplace of Annamacharya who wrote 32,000 keerthanas in praise of Venkateswara. The place has Chennakesava and Siddheswara temples, a Srichakra, an idol of Eka Tatayya, an ardent disciple of Parasurama, and the Annamayya Dhyana Mandir.
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One can stay at Kadapa and visit this place, the other places to visit in Kadapa Town include Devunikadapa, Ameer Peer Dargha which is 400 years oldlocated 3kms from Bus Stand . .