Friday, 5 December 2014

Sri Kalahasteeswara Temple- Srikalahasti

 Lord shiva is renowned God of Hindu culture.LORD SHIVA  is one of the TRIMURTHIS,(BRAHMA, VISHNU , MAHESWARA).Gods who take care of the Mankind and Viswam(World) and its well being.
Lord Shiva here is Vaayu Lingeswar.
Kalahasti is located 36 kms from  the pilgrimage town of Tirupati and is visited by thousands of pilgrims daily.
and receive the blessings of Lord shiva  and his concert Jnana Prasoonamba,  This temple is also associated with Rahu and Ketu, (of the nine grahams or celestial bodies in the Indian astrological scheme).
Shiva is said to have given salvation to a spider, elephant and a serpent who were ardent devotees of the Shiva Lingam located here Legend says that Elephant or Hasti was cleaning the image of Lord Shiva by pouring water on the idol. It used to clean the water brought by it with its trunk and Ofeer Bilva Patra. Spider used to protect Lord with its Web. Spider (Sri). Serpent used to Offer its Mani. One day there srose quarrel between Elephant and snake as elephant offered flowers be removing the Mani  (Jewel) offered by snake. Both died and spider also died as it was caught in between.  Because the Bhakti i.e., devotion Lord Shiva gave salvation to all three.
Kannappa, a hunter by profession is said to have been a great devotee of Kalahastiswara. Legend has it that he offered his own eyes to the Shivalingam, In telugu Kannu means Eye. For this reason earned the name Kannappa (his original name being Thinnadu).
Lord Shiva along with His Concert Jnana Prasunamba Shower their blessings to piligrims  in this Temple.
Srikalahasti is known as Southern Kaasi . It is a Achitectural Beauty Sculpted in one Hill. Very Big Mandapam with Pillars is attractive and its sculputre is feast to Eyes.
Patala vinayaka inside the prakara is very good temple.
Praying and performing pooja in this place attracts the blessings of Lord Shiva and Jnana Prasoonamba.
Rahu Ketu puja done here relieves one of Doshas (bad Omens)of Rahu Ketu and presents boon to the devotees.
Many of the stalwarts who were written off by media perforormed their pooja for Rahu Ketu and renewed their fortunes. Rahu ketu Pooja performed in the Rahu Kalam is very powerful and wishes are fulfilled and problems are removed.
The itinerary visiting Tirumala Balaji  Tirupathi Padmavathi, Srikalahasti is almost a certainity those who visit this place. 
Mahashivaratri  festival is important festivals.