Monday, 13 July 2015


Pushakara takes places, depending upon the travel of Jupiter to a particular sign. Each river has its own zodiac sign, Whenever Jupiter enters particular sign, pushkara takes place for that river.

Pushkara Lasts for One Year., as long as, Jupiter remains in particular sign, Pusharas take place for that river.

 With reference to the sacred rivers, Pushkara means the one who energize the rivers and provide spiritual purification.

When Pushkar God travels through a river that river becomes Holy and more powerful, purified and energized.

On the entry of Jupiter into Zodiac Sign o Leo sign the Pushkara start to River the Godavari. On 14th July 2015 Jupiter Travel to Leo Zodiac Sign and stays there till 11.8.2016. 

First 12 days of Pushkara are called adhi pushkaras and last 12 days of Pushkaras are called “Anthya Pushkaras”.
Those who cannot makeup in the adi pushkaralu taking dip during Anthya pushkatras has same effect.
Having dip in Godavari on both occassions is really a great opportunity.

Following are the activities gthat are performed during the pushkara times near the river

·        Taking Bath in the Holy River during the above period one gets the blessing of God and punya.
·         Offering various Danas(Charity),  
·         Tarpan
·        Holy rituals like pitru karma performed on the banks of river during Pushkara time’s gives great solace to departed souls of the clan who does the rituals. 

Donation of following items in pushkaras gives great punya.

Donating the below mentioned items to the Brahmins during the pushkara period have a great impact in the life of individuals according to the danas

Every Dana performed have a unique impact accordingly

Anna Dana, Gold, Silver, Bhoo-Dana, Rice, Ghee, Jaggery, Honey, Grandha (sacred text), Vasthra, Paada Raksha (Chappals), Umbrella, Hand Stick, Fan, Sayya (Bedding), Phala (Fruits), Bell (Ghanta), Paathra (brass/silver vessel), Asana (Mat), Nava Dhanya, Milk, Cow, Salagrama

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Since there are heavy rains and floods in some areas  one should take care at the time of going into river during this antya pushkaras sheduled from 31.7.2016 to 11.8.2016.