Friday, 17 July 2015


As per the scripts, Lord Pushkara is the son of Lord Varuna. Pushkar prayed Lord Brahma and acquired a boon to live in sacred waters to purify them.He also prayed Lord Shiva and attain 'Jala Tattva Siddhi'( Physics of waters) and became king of all sacred waters and named as 'Theerdhapalaka' (Ruler of Sacred waters).
 Later to this Lord Jupiter prayed Lord Brahma to keep Pushkara along with him but, Pushkar refused  and Lord Brahma resolved conflict by requesting pushkar to stay with Jupiter for 24 days(12 days at beginning + 12 days at ending)  when Lord Jupiter enters each Zodiac Sign. Based on the planet Jupiter movement in Zodiac sign Lord Pushkar enters 12 sacred rivers in India.

Depending on Jupiter movement in Zodiac signs, sacred rivers get energies and nourishes the place.

Jupiter in Aries river Ganga gets Pushkara.
In Taurus      - Narmada River.
In Gemini      - Saraswathi River.
In Cancer      - Yamuna River.
In Leo            - Godavri River.
In Virgo          - Krishna River.
In Libra          - Kaveri River.
In Scorpio      - Bheema River.
In Sagittarius - Pushkara-Vaahini River.
In Capricorn  - Thunga -Bhadra River.
In Aquarius   - Sindhu (Indus) River.
In Pisces      - Pranahitha(Praneetha) River.