Monday, 12 October 2015


Ambulance is boon to citizens, God sent vardaan(B0ON) to a patient , who needs immediate attention at Hospitals. Patients can be of different types, Pregnent woman for conceiving, accident patients, Heart patients, Paralysed patients to name a few.
As we all know many people die due to delay inbringing them to Hospital. In many such  cases Ambulances acted as Life savers. In a civilised soceity, it has become the resposibility of civilians to help fellow citizen , by giving way to ambulance.
Not giving way to Ambulance  can cost life of person in the Ambulance.
In this connection the Government of Karnataka has issued orders to cencel Driving Licence of those who overtake Ambulance. The chief minister of Karnataka issued the orders and urged motorists and other vehicle drivers to give way to ambulances transporting sick on humanitarian basis.
It is very important to educate civilians about giving way to ambulance. Displaying Handbills in Govt Offices, Public places, propogation of the same in Schools, Colleges, Railway stations, Bus stands etc., and seminars at regular intervels by public Figures.
It is not only the responsibility of  motorists but also the responsility of police on duty to act properly to give necessary signals and traffic contols whenever ambulance passes the signals.