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Chamundeswari Temple is atop of Chamundeswari Hills 13 Kilometers from Palace City Mysore, Karnataka , India..The temple is named after Chamundeswari or Durga the fierce form of Shakti, the incarnation of  Godess Parvathi and Consort of  Lord Shiva.The hill is popularly known as Chamundi Hills.
Chamundi Hills, Mysore is one of the important places to visit in Mysore and one of the most famous, Temples of India
In the sanctrum there is a stone statue of Godess Mahishasura Mardini having Asta Bhujas, Eight Shoulders . She is in seating Posture. As Per local legend the image was established by sage Markandeya. The  avatara of Godess Mahishasura Mardini denotes that she got rid of Mahishasura . MAHISHASURA  used to create  lot of sufferings to the people, saints Devatas (Angles) sincere , honest and truthful and pious people..When Gods  prayed for Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, goddess Parvathi in her incarnation as Durga Killed the demon and saved the world from his misdeeds.
Piligrims allover the world visit this place on large scale for the blessings of Chamundeswari Devi, as her blessing releive devotees of evils, fulfills all necessities of life.
Chamundeswari Temple is one of the 18 Shakti Peethas. Darshan of Devi in all 18 Shakti Peethas is considered as God's Gift for punya of aneka Janmas(  Results of Good deeds in previous Births and deeds during the present Birth).
 The chamundi Hills is serene place atmosphere filled with devotion, heart filled gratitude.Devotees throng this place for the glimpse of Godess Matha Chamundeswari and return with heart filled satisfaction.
The temple was developed by Hoysalas, Vijayanagara Rulers and Mysore Maharajas.
 Chamundi Hills is 3489 feet above Sea Level

The crowning Glory of Chamundi Hills, is enchanting place covered by natural beauty. Once a person passes to the Hill, he can have bird view of Mysore apart from visiting  a Great Devotional Center and One of the 18 Shakti Peethas

Darshan Timings: 7.30 AM to 2 PM  3.30 PM to 6pm 7.30 PM to 9 PM
Abhishekam:  6AM to 7.30 AM , 6PM TO 7.30 PM, Fridays: 5AM O 6.30 AM
Free meals is arranged between 12.30PM  to 2.30 PM TO DEVOTEES.
KSRTC bus facilityb is available to Mysore City every 20 Minutes.

Besides chamundi Temple  and Mahabaleswar Temple and other temples ,a monolothis statue of Nandi can be seen on the way to Chamundi Temple.
About 16 feet height and 24 feet wide sculpted out of a boulder.
The finer details of statue are executed so brilliantly that we can stop admiring the  sculptors, who sculted garlans around the neck, small bells, eys nose, ears.
A visit to Chamundi Hills is always a trip tus remember .
Who ever visit Mysore also make it a point to Visit, Palaces in Mysore, Krishna Raja Sagar. in Mysuru..
The Flight connectivity, Rail connectivity also make it more convinient to plan a trip.   ...