Monday, 21 March 2016


Agni Linga , One of the Five Pancha Bhoota lingas, is located at the foot hills of the Annamalai Hill in the Town of Thiruvannamalai , Tamilnadu. Lord shiva is worshipped here as Arunachleswara , represented as Agni Lingam.with his concert Unnamulaiyamman ( Apitakuchabaal-Parvati).
The temple complex spans 10 hectares . It is one of the largest temples in India. It has  4 Outer  Gopurams and 2 inner Gopurams . , the tallest being the eastern tower with 11 storeys. And a height of 217 feet, renowned as one of the tallest gopurams in India.

The legend is Parvati , wife of Lord shiva once playfully closed the eyes of Shiva in a flower garden at Kailasa. Although it was a moment for the Gods , all the light was taken away from world. And earth , inturn, submerged in darkness.  Godess Parvathi performed penance and Lord Shiva appeared on the top of Annamalai hills returning light to the world and merged with parvathi to form Ardhanareeswara, half male and half female form of shiva. , the annamalai or Red mountain.
Panchabhootas  are five ingridigents required for the life i.e., Akasa(ether), Vaayu(Wind), Agni(Fire), Jala(Water), Pridhvi(Earth). Shiva is also known as Panchabhooteswara.
The temple is famous for marvelous carvings. In one of the carving Lord Shiva is shown in Dancing Posture
The circumumbulation of Arunachla Hill is a pious act, which is known as Giri Pradakshana. Giri means Hill. Pra stands for removal of sins,da stands for fulfillment of desires kshi stands for relief from future births, na stands for deliverance through jnana.
Through out the year piligrims engage in Giri pradakshana streching 14kms . There are 8 shrines of lingas in this 14 kms circumbrance  are termed as Asthalinga.During the pradakshna and worshiping the Astha lingas is practice.
Kartika Deepam is lit on in Kartika Maasam on the Highest of Arunachalam peaks  with embers taken in pots lit in Arunachala temple,with gallons of  Ghee mixes with Camphor at Six PM as sunsets with laks of devotees chanting “ Arunachala Siva”. To participate in this  event devotees from far off places  within the country and outside the country come and experience the bliss.
We can also see Sri Ramana Maharishi Ashram , which renders peaceful atmosphere and Peacocks in the Ashram are feast to eyes.