Friday, 22 April 2016


Buddha Statue in the middle of Hussain Sagar is monolith located in Hyderabad, Telangana in India.
The Height of the statue is 58 Feet. Between  1983 and 1989 Sri N.T Rama Rao was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He saw the  Statue of Liberty, with this inspiration Mr. N.T.Rama Rao wanted something which can proclaim the peace to the society. In the process he selected Gautam Budhdha Statue.
After thorough search ,40 miles outside Hyderabad at Raigir , a solid white Rock was found. In 1985 work was inaugurated by NTR..   S.M. Ganapathi Satpathi, the temple architecture & Sculpture, with the help of hundreds of workers,The statue stood at 58 Feet weighing 350 tons. A platform of 15 feet (4.6 meters) was constructed in the middle of Hussain Sagar which is known as Gibraltor Rock on which world's tallest Monolith Statue was erectd. It  has costed US $ 3  million dollars.
Now Buddha statue is One of the importatnt places to see in Hyderabad. located in Hussain sagar beside lumbini park.
From Lumbini park there is boat ride to  reach the statue and have a closer look.
On December 1 st 1992, the statue was erected on the platform. In 2006 , Dalai lama , consecrated the statue in 2006.
Birla Mandir, Birla Planetarium, Lumbini Park, Tank Bund, Necklace Road, Assembley Hall are all situated within 3 to 4 Kms from this place.

Saturday, 16 April 2016


Free Wifi through collaboration of Google  and Railtel. Starting today users in Bhubaneswar, pune, Hyderabad(kachiguda),  Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Bhopal, Ranch Raipur,Ernakulam will be able to use wifi by smart phones.
The service at Mumbai railway station started in January 2016.
Now  one laksh people use this service in one week
Now live in 10 Key stations 1.5 million users are  provided with high speed internet service..
Google and Railtel collaborated to provide Wifi services in 100 stations in provide  services to 10 million people by the end of the year 2016.
The project will eventually cover 400 railway stations.
Jaipur Ujjain Allahabad will go live in one week.
The wifi facility  at  tourist  centres can help Tourists  to find distances, location of hotels, location of Tourist places, conveyance  facilities, importance of tourist places  and many more. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Bull Temple is situated in Bangalore, dedicated to Nandi the vahana of Lord Shiva. The temple is situated in Basavangudi. Kempagowda , the founder of Bangalore got the temple built during his time.  Bull Temple is One of the important places to see in Bangalore and draws  devotees from all over the  world.
The architecture is stunning. The architecture of  temple makes it very attractive. The Idol is carved  out of single rock. The huge idol Nandi(Bull) is carved out of a single Rock measuring 4.5 meters in Height and 6.5 meters in length, One of the largest murthis in the world. The bull has one Iron Plate on Head , it is believed that  it prevents  the bull from growing. The statue has great backdrop of God Surya and Godess Chandra on their chariots, which provides superfluous sight. It is belived VISWA Bharathi River originates at the feet of this statue.
The legend says that the Bull Temple was built to appease a bull that used to consume and destroy all the groundnuts and peanuts cultivated in the area.After the temple was built Bull stopped damaging the crop.
Bungle Rock aged about 3000 million years is located behind the temple, which has generated wide interest among the scientific community. Every year on last Monday and Tuesday on Hindu month of karthika, ground nut fair is organized and groundnut is offered to the deity.

Sunday, 3 April 2016


Charminar is Global Icon of Hyderabad.  Those whoever think of Hyderabad  , Charminar comes to mind. The Chariminar is famous for its architecture , Minarates , Unique Structure .Charminar is great attraction , none of the tourists who come to see Hyderabd miss Charminar.
Char means Four,  Minar means Tower which means four Towers.

HISTORY :The construction of Charminar was completed in the year 1592, Qutib shah started the construction  in the year 1589.There are various theories about the reason for build arminandr, One of them being,at that time plague was wide spread, Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah prayed for the end of plague that was ravaging city  and vowed to build a Mosque at the very place.There is folklore among the locals that Qutb Shah constructed on the very spot  where first he saw Bagmati.

The incredible four Minarets of Charminar gives its Glory.
Each tower is visible outside of the four stories , which is marked by carved 149 flights of stairs to climb to the top floor to get.
The structure is made of granite, limestone, mortar and pulverised marble.
The Charminar is a square structure , four sides 20 meterslong with , Four Grand Arches open into Four streets . The minarate stands 56 meters high with double bolcony. All four fluted minarets are built into the main structure.There are 149 steps(winding) to reach top floor.
There are fort five prayer places in Charminar  which are visited on fridays., Small prayer Hall is on the Top Floor. The monument with its four arches was so proportionately planned that when the fort was opened one could catch glimpse of the bustling Hyderabad City. as these charminar arches were facincg the most active ancestral streets.
A thriving market exists around Charminar : Laad bazaar is known for its jewellery , especially exquisite Bangles , and a  Pather Gatti which is famous for pearls. It its hey day the market has heavy churnout. Chudi Bazaar is always buzzing with activity where cheapest to costliest Bangles with innumerable designs are available. Markets starts from 11.00 AM to 11.30PM.
On her visit to Hyderabad ,Cine Actress, Deepika Padukone recollects her school excursion to Hyderabad and purchasing the bangles with crystal stones in Chudi Bazaar at Charminar.
There is entry fees  for Charminar entry. 
There is entry fees of Rs. 5/- for Indians and Rs.100/- for foreigners. Photographing is allowed at cost as applicable as per the rates prevailing,