Saturday, 6 August 2016


Godavari Antya pushkaras are scheduld to take place from 31st July 2016 to 11 August 2016.
The pushkaras are held alongside the shores of Godavari river at Kaleswaram, Darmapuri, Manthani,  kotilingala  and other placesTelangana Government has made security arrangements.
In  Andhra Pradesh Rajahmundry, kovvur, polavaram, narsapur, Antarvedi and other places . Government has geared up well for the event.
On 7th Sunday, there is expected to be large crowd for holy dip.

Significance of Antya pushkaras , those who could not take holy dip in Adi pushkaras can make up their failure by participating Antya pushkaras dip in Godavari River.

It is believed that taking dip in the river during pushkara time make one relieved and reduced  of doshas and sins. And Gods gives his blessings.
Since there has been heavy rains in the Godavari catchment areas ,floods in some area one should take care at the time of going to river

Danas (Alms) given during the period also have great punya penance .
Taking dip in the river in antya pushkaras has same effects as that of Adi pushkaras.
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