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Pushakara takes places, depending upon the travel of Jupiter to a particular sign. Each river has its own zodiac sign, Whenever Jupiter enters particular sign, pushkara takes place for that river.
Pushkara Lasts for One Year., as long as, Jupiter remains in particular sign, Pusharas take place for that river.
With reference to the sacred rivers, Pushkara means the one who energize the rivers and provide spiritual purification.
When Pushkar God travels through a river that river becomes Holy and more powerful, purified and energized.
The Krishna River born at Mahabaleswar in Karnatka travels through Maharastra, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and enters Bay of Bengal at Hamsala divi in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh.
On its way  it gives drinking water to crores of people and Irrigation water to lakhs of Acers providing food to mankind.
There are so many legends associted with the birth of this river. 
So many piligrim centers, such as
 Alampur --one of the eighteen shakti peethas-- Jogulamba Temple
Srisailam--One the Shakti Peethas,and one of the Jyotirlingas, Bhramaramba , Mallikarjuna Temple
Amaravathi- One of the panchramas, and Buddhist piligrim center, New capital of Andhra Pradesh. 
Vijayawada-Famous  Kanakadurga  temple on Indrakeeladri
---------to name a few.
For that matter, the krishna river on its bank is having innumerable piligrim centers.
Its journey through Sahayadri Hills, Nallamala, having Super dams such as Nagarjunasagar, Alamatti, Srisailam , till prakasam  barrage at vijayawada is life saver & annadata to many people
On the entry of Jupiter into Zodiac Sign to Virgo sign the Pushkara start to River the Krishna. On 12th August 2016 Jupiter Travel to Virgo Zodiac Sign and stays there till 11.9
First 12 days of Jupiter entering into Virgo Zodaic sign  has lots of prominence i.e., 12.8.2016 to 23.8.2016 for pushkara snana and other ceremonies.
Following are the activities that are performed during the pushkara times near the river:

·        Taking Bath in the Holy River during the above period one gets the blessing of God and punya.
·        Offering various Danas(Charity),  
·        Tarpan
·        Holy rituals like pitru karma performed on the banks of river during Pushkara times gives great solace to departed souls of the clan who does the rituals. 

Donation of following items in pushkaras gives great punya.

Donating the below mentioned items to the Brahmins during the pushkara period have a great impact in the life of individuals according to the danas
Every Dana performed have a unique impact accordingly.

Anna Dana, Gold, Silver, Bhoo-Dana, Rice, Ghee, Jaggery, Honey, Grandha (sacred text), Vasthra, Paada Raksha (Chappals), Umbrella, Hand Stick, Fan, Sayya (Bedding), Phala (Fruits), Bell (Ghanta), Paathra (brass/silver vessel), Asana (Mat), Nava Dhanya, Milk, Cow, Salagrama
For legend on pushkaras pl visit

AP Government and Telangana Governments are making elobarate arrangments for this event.Lakhs of devotees are expected to take dip in the river Krishna during the 12 days.
It is almost a mini Kumbha Mela.
Many of them perform  pitru tarpanas to the souls of their ancestors, which is believed to get the blessings of Forefathers and Gods. It is almost a mini Kumbha Mela.

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