Monday, 26 January 2015

Tirupathi- Tirumala --Japali Thertham

Tirumala is known for theerthams(water bodies) . Theerthams located on the hills are known forholiness. Among them, Japali theertham is the most widely known holy theertham which is being visited by most pilgrims. The prime attraction here is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman (Anjaneya swamy). The Anjaneya swamy temple at Japali Theertham, is one of the least known and most worthy places of visit in Tirumala. Japali Aanjaneeya swamy temple, which is located in Tirumala 7 kms from Sree Venkateswara swamy (Lord Balaji) temple. The spot is on the way to Akasa Ganga from Tirumala. From road we have to walk nearly 1 km inside the forest. It is said that Lord Rama with his consort Sita and brother Lakshmana stayed here along with Lord Hanuman. There is a perennial pond, called as “Rama Kund”, in the temple premises that was said to be the source of drinking water, during their stay here. There is a water source flowing to this place and it is not known where the water comes from. Sage Japali performed penance at Sri Hanuman’s birthplace atop Tirumala and Sri Hanuman revealed himself at the spot. So it is known as Japali Hanuman Kshetra. Pollution free location, lushgreen environment gives lots of peace to mind Pilgrims visiting Tirumala will never fail to take a bath in this Japali Teertham, as it is believed that all their sins and evils will be washed out when they dip in the theertham.
Tirupati Venkateswara swamy temple,.Adi Varaha Swamy temple, Bedi anjaneya swamy Temple, , Sila thoranam, tirumala,  are most important places to visit at Tirumala

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