Thursday, 29 January 2015

APTHORYAMAM - Mahagni Chayana poorvaka Somayagam & MAHASOURAM

The yaga is taking place at Gargeya puram by Ritwiks for the welfare of the society.
The yaga relieves the environment from pollutions/pollutants, Timely Rains. Reduction in Premature births , Handicap Births.
As I witnessed the yaga on 28.1.2015. As per Sastra, Garuda Deva has made circumbarances around the Yagasala,which was witnessesed by thousands of piligrims.
Tourists form all over the places are visiting.
The intention of orgisers to conduct such yaga in drought prone Rayalaseema is commendable and may all Gods, human race look at, bless them and let us pray to gods for the well being of all People and Nature. Whoever is reaching this place are being offered food, and thousands are feeded every Day. If you get chance Don"t miss to visit the place and take blessings. Or else Donate a even small amount which can make us participants of such Great Yaaga.
There is no restriction of Caste or Creed this is for Praja Hita i.e., for the benefit of all.