Sunday, 1 February 2015


Ambulance is lifeline to those who want to go to Hospital ON Emergency.
Many a time Ambulance is called to carry patients with Heart problem,  Accidents, Delivery of Pregnant Woman  and Other Emergencies.
Also we hear that bringing patient in AMBULANCE  has saved the Life of a person.
With increasing trffic on the roads , ambulances have tough task in taking patients to Hospitals in time.
Every Year  Thousands of Lives can be saved if ambulance reaches Hospital in time.
In such cases all vehicles should give way to Ambulances .
Four Wheelers, 2 Wheelers, cycles, Trucks or any other vehicle should be give way to Ambulances.
In some countries Ambulances can jump signals.
In remote areas people die as they can not access  medical facilities. WHEREAS it is pity that even In places where   AMBULANCE  facilities are available ,   patients die as they are bought to Hospitals late because of traffic jams.
Measures To Propagate:
1.       Posters in Hospitals.
2.       Debates and Essay writings by students on the subject.
3.       Writing on the Ambulance Such as  GIVE WAY TO AMBULANCE FOR QUICK AND BETTER TREATMENT
4.       Police should train the civilians to give way to Ambulances.
Civilian involvement can improve the situation for mobility of patients.
5. Especially on High ways there should be Boards/ Hoardings  displaying the importance of Ambulances