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Kadapa is located on Hyderabad to Tirupati Road..Piligrims visiting Tirupati Balaji from North Karnataka, Maharastra and Hyderabad should pass this route.
Devuni Kadapa,, Ameer Paeer Darga ,Vontimitta Sri Kodandaramaswamy temple are important places to visit in Kadapa. .
Devunikadapa is a place in Kadapa city,  4 Kms From Kadapa Busstand and 6 km from Kadapa Railway Station.-famed for the  temple of Sri Laxmi Venkateshwara swamy. It’s traditionally called the entry to the temple of Venkateshwara, the presiding god of Tirumala.
Visiting this Temple bestows same boons as that of visiting Tirumala as per the vardan of Sri Venkateswara.
In  Olden days piligrims going to Tirumala by foot from North, and West India used to pass this route

Vontimitta is a place of historical and cultural importance and is home to a 450 year old temple of Bhagawan Sree Rama known as the Sri Kodandarama Swamy temple located 25 kms away from Kadapa, on Kadapa and Tirupathi Road.
 Lord Rama statue was established by Lord Jambavanta. And it is the only place in India,where the Sree Seeta Rama kalyanam will be held in the night.
Kishkindakanda, one of the 7 skandas of the Ramayana, is believed to have occurred in this region
It is believed that during Aranyavasa Sri Rama Killed Rakshasas who were hindering the Yagnas conducted by Rishis.(Saints)
As such this place has got great importance.
Of late Government of Andhra Pradesh has started celebrating Rama Navami Ustavas Officially. Cheif Minister on behalf of the Goverment and State presents vastras and clebrates Rama Kalyanam with pomp.. The architecture of the temple is feast to eyes.                                      

Ameen Peer Dargah is located  4 Kms From Kadapa Bus stand and 6 km from Kadapa Railway Station.. It is old and famous Dargah. Cine Stars like Amitabh Bhachhan, and family, AR Rehaman,, Sridevi, Boney Kapoor. allari Naresh , Politicians, Cricketers frequent this place.Peoples problems are solved on  visiting and pleading with Baba in Darga  and return to thank . 
The location of Kadapa On Hyderabad to Tirupati Road and Rail Route, connected by Air, Well connected by Road make the place more accessable.

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