Saturday, 15 August 2015



Red Fort is one of the great monuments of India. How it got its name,because of the extensive use of the use of Red Sand Stones. In Hindi it is konwn as Lal Quila. Lal=Red, Quila = Fort
In 1639 Moghul King Shahjahan wanted to shift his capital from Agra to Sahajahannagar (Now Old Delhi) resulted the construction of Red Fort.
The magnitude of the size of the fort can be estimated by the fact that it took ten years to complete the fort. It has almost two and half kilometer perimeter with tallest structure of 33 meters. The fort has become one of most sought after tourist destination in the modern time.
“Deewan-e-Aam” is hall built for general public to interact with the emperor.
“Deewan-e-Khas is another hall made up of natural stones which was used for privately held meetings of the emperor.
“Hammams” or the bath places specially built for the royal family.
 “Shahi Burj” is another place where the emperor’s office was built and the emperor spent time working privately.
Rang Mahal” or the Palace of Colors was a special place built for the wives of the emperor
“Naqqar Khana” is a place in the Fort where the musicians would play music specific to the particular time of the day.
Certainly Red Fort has got Great History which attracts Tourists from all over the world.
Red Fort is the place where from Prime Minister Addresses  the Nation on the eve of Independence Day and hoists Indian Flag.
Red Fort is one of the important Places to Visit in Delhi.

RED FORT Visiting Hours: 9:30AM to 4:30PM daily (except Monday
Entry Fee: Rs.10/-(For Indian Citizens) and Rs.150/- (For foreigners)
Entry Fee for Sound and Light Show: Rs.50/-