Friday, 22 July 2016


Kabali , Rajanikanth’s latest movie to be released in 12000 theaters.
Latest news about the film KABALI
To accomadate the Kabali Fever ,
Some companies,business houses declared holiday to avoid sick leaves from employees, turning off phones.
      Few companies in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad had given tickets for the film to its employees.
       Air Asia is running special flight for Chennai from Bangalore –Special Kabali flight
.     Commercial Kick: 
       Film rights were sold at $30 m
The 65 year old star has been favorite star . His movies are mostly in Tamil.

In Chennai:
        Some corporates booked 200  and more bulk bookings for their employees and families.
    Car Boinetts were painted with Kabali stick and special Hairspecialists provided Haircuts that Cropped Kabali Name.
    Uber offered special promo with Rs. 100/- discount for ride to theatre between 3am and 5am , to see the film.   

              Five and Half feet clay statue of Rajanikant in the film withblack Italian suit, sunglasses ,      European  Watch can be seen at Natraj theatre.
        In kerala it isn virtually 24 hours show with in 300  centers. There would be 2000 screenings a         day.
In Hyderabd, enterpenues, investors, employees of startups  travel to multiplex in special kabalI Bus from Hi-tec City.

In chittoor District bordering Tamilnadu  were delighted as their friends are sending ticket to
them at satyaveedu, chittoor, kuppam nagari, and many of them are planning to go.
It is planned for release in 500 screens in US, is also being released in UAE, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Kuwait Oman and other middle east countries and many more.
The craze and following for Rajinikanth is such. Kabali is generating lots of delight and movement in the national as well as international circuits , an employment nationally and internationally, an entertainment nationally and internationally