Thursday, 14 July 2016


Kondapalli Fort  is located in Krishna District of Andhrapradesh. Kondapalli Fort is known as Kondapalli kota Locally.Kodapally Fort was built by Porala Vema Reddy of Kondaveedu in 14 th Century.
Kondapalli was known as Eastern Gateway of India. Intrestingly the Fort has been in the hands of so many rulers among which the Reddys, Bahaminis, Gajapatis, Vijayanagara, Qutubshahis. It was used as military fortification. Latter it has fallen into the hands of British.
Rani Mahal, Dancing Hall, Arched Hall, Darga of Gareeb Sahib.The famous Kondapaslli Fortconsisting three fortification On the top of the hill. The structures on the hills are constructed earlier were redesigned  during Qutubshahi rule.Tanisha mahal on the hill lock, Gajasala, can be seen. Some of the ruins can still be seen..Bhojanasala i.e., dining hall,  resorvoir, prision etc can be seen.
Apart from Fort , Kondapalli  is famous for artistic rural products of kondapalli,crafting colour toys , called as kondapalli toys. A very light wood is used for this toys. Kondapalli toys are common in the cup boards of people in this area and are famous all over the world .Toys includeMan,woman ,Children, animals, reptiles,trains, buses, mythological figures etc.,
The particular wood used for this light weight toys is grown in the land earmarked for this variety of wood called as puniki wood.
Kondapally toys is article of reverence to most telugus across the world. It is a custom by most of the telugus to arrange (Bommala Koluvu) Small Gallery of Toys/Displaying and showcasing of Toys. kondapally toys are thriving in this village located on the National Highway 9 , 25 kms from Vijayawada.
The quaint village life is brought to the drawing rooms by this dedicated artisans.