Thursday, 23 June 2016


India took a big leap in space technology on Wednesday, 22.6.2016 as Indian Space Research Organisation  injects 20 sattelites including 17 foreign satellites  and 3 indian  satellites  through its work horse PSLV C 34 (Launch Vehicle)From Satish dhawan Space Center, Sriharkota, Andhra Pradesh India.
Apart from 17 foreign  satellites , 3 sattelites are from India. Out of the 3 sattelites one is SATYABAMASAT AND OTHER IS SWAYAM MANUFACTURED at Indian Universities.
Salient features of the operation:
It puts India right after Russia 's single  Mission launch of 33 sattelites in 2014
and Nasa's 29in 2013
Cost of the mission is 10 times less than that of  other space agencies.
ISRO has launched 57 satellites of 20 countries since MAY 1999.
Total weight of satellites 1288 kg
Two of the Satellites are made by students of Indian Universities
Use of Sattelites:
1. CARTOSAT (INDIA): Cartographic application, coastal land use, monitoring road network.and water distribution
2. SATYABHAMASAT(INDIA): Collect data on green House gases..
3.SWAYAM (INDIA) : Providing point to poiunt messaging services to HAM Community.
4.LAPAN-A3 (INDONESIA): Monitor Land use, natural resources and environment.
5.SKYSAT GEN 2-1:(AMERICA):A small imaging  satellite built by Google company
6. M3 MSAT (CANADA) Collect and study Automatic Identitification system signals from low- Earth Orbit.
7. BRIOS (GERMANY):Remote Sensing of High Temperature  records.
.8, GHGSAT-D(CANADA):Measure atmospheric concentration of Greenhouse Gases,
12 Dove Satellites of America for Earth Imaging
SATYABAMASAT:It is from Satyabama University, Chennai.:To collect data on green house Gases ( water vapour, Carbon Monoxide,Carbon Dioxide, Methane,and Hydrogen Floride.
SWAYAM: It is from college of Engineering from PUNE.To provide Point to Point messaging services to the HAM Community.
Involing Student community and Acedamicians can help creating a pool enthusiastic, scientists and researchers.