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Keeludu, an Yaksha, in the form of mountain performed great   penance (vigorous Tapasya) for Maa
Durga..Pleased by tapasya Maa  Durga  appeared before him offered  him boon (Vara)..Keeludu, with all his devotion asked Maa Durga to stay in his heart ( Hrudaya kuharam) (Cave).
Then Durgamma asked Keela to stay and wait at the shore of the River Krishna.
After eliminating Durgamasura  in her fierce avatara of Durga, as per the word given to Keeludu stayed at Keeladri( top of the hill).
On seeing her Ugra (fierce) Roopa , Indra , the lord of heavens(Indra) and other angels asked her to take a dip in Krishna River and cool herself as nobody can bear her fierce and ferocious incarnation.
Accordingly Maa Kanaka Durga  has taken dip in Krishnaveni , the Krishna River ,cooled down.
From that day Maa Durga started staying at this place which is named as Indrakeeladri.
Indra keeladri is the place where Arjuna(Maha Bharatha) did Tapasya and secured astras from Shiva. Arjuna , during his Ajnathavas Kept his armour on a tree (Samee Vrusha) at this place.pray to Samee Vrusha
Even today, devotees  pray to (Samee Vrusha)  at this place.
The temple of Lord Shiva  on the HIll gives us chance to Pray to Lord shiva where abhishekas are performed regularly.
From time immemorial Angels, Mahrishis, Rishis ,Sages , Saints had Darshan of Maa Kanaka Durga for her blessings.
Kaalika puraana, Durgaa sapthashati and other vedic literature have mentioned about Goddess Kanaka Durga on the Indrakeelaadri and have described the deity as Swayambhu, in Triteeya kalpa.
Vijayawada Kanakadurga temple is very famous temple and Dasara is celebrated with pomp
Vijayawada is situate in Andhra pradesh, India which is big Railway junction. Connecting East India and North India with south India.

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