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As per legend, Tarakasura was Rakshasa king, His demonous attitude and repeated wars against Devatas (angles) his atrocities on Devatas, rishis,saints and innocent people have reached peak. Tarakasura has become that much powerful as he possessed Atma linga of shiva.
Kumara Swamy , Son of Lord Shiva, Commandar of Devatas had fierece fight with Tarakasura.Lord Kumaraswamy used Shakti Ayudha , wherein the body of Tarukasura was torn into pieces,and again reunited  .Lord kumaraswamy did it for so many times but the result was same .
On seeing this lord kumaraswamy got depressed, then Srimannarayana(LORD VISHNU) appeared before him and advised him to break the shivalanga. Even Shivalinga also tries to unite .To stop reunification of shivalinga As such,  wherever the pieces fall each of the pieces should be fixed , worshipped and temple should be constructed.
Lord Kumara swamy  used Agneyastra (Weapon of Fire)has broken the atmalinga,and 5 pieces have fallen at Five places,. Surya Deva (SUN) as per the instructions of Lord Vishnu, fixed, worshipped and built temple over them. By the formation of temples, the pieces stopped movement and became stable.
These Five Lingas were installed by Indra, Surya,Chandra, Vishnu, Kumara Swamy.

Amararamam is located at Amaravathi , the new capital of Andhra Pradesh State, India.on the banks of Krishna River.It is very near to bus stand.Bala Chamundeswari mata is Godess here.

Sheeraramam is located at Plakole, West Godavari District of A.P..Upamanya Maharishi also got boons and milk from Lord Shiva here as such called as Sheera Ramalingeswara swami. Temple gopuram is very high. Parvathi is Godess here.
Drakshramam: Located at Draksharamam in East Godavari Disrtrict of Andhra pradesh in India. Sri Rama worshipped this Shivalinga, Surya and indra worshipped lord Shiva here. Manaikyamba , is Godess here. Drakshramam is one of the 18 shaktipeethas
Somaram is located at Bhimavaram., Andhrea Pradesh, India Someswara Swamy Temple is located in Gunipudi.Lord Chandra got rid of sins  here by worshipping Lord Shiva. Here Shivalinga change its colours according to lunar month.Annapurna Mata temple is in the second Floor.The temple is 4 km from Bus stand.
Kumararamam is located in samalkota in East Godavari Districtv of Andhra Pradesh of India. It is 1 km from Samalkota Rai;way station. Lord shiva is in this shrine is 14 Feet high. We have to goto IInd Floor to see linga and to ground floor vto see pada or start of linga. Kumar Swamy Installed this Shiva Linga.

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