Saturday, 22 October 2016


A Brilliant performance by Ajay Thakur in the final of  World Cup 2016 enabled India to Clinch World Cup for Third Consecutive time.

Ajay Thakur's brilliant performance of  12 Points made India to bounce back and Secure a win.
The match turned out to be clash between Titans. Iran leading at 18-13 at half time.Iran has been in lead through out first Half.. Iran leading at 9-7,12-11,16-12 at different points of time.
At one stage Iran was leading 20-17.
The final has been enthralling.Game.
India annexed the Cup with brilliant comeback in the second half  to annex the match at 38-29

India scripted its entry into the final of World Cup KABBADI 2016 with a resounding victory over Thailand.reaching Final slot for third time.At the end of First Half  at 36-8. finally concluding the match with 73-20..
India on her way to final daefated  Australia54-20, Bangladesh 57-20,Argentina 74-20, England 69-18 AFTERinitial shock from korea 32-34.
India showed its expertise,standard attack and defense abilities  superior game through out the game which made  INDIA.WORLD CHAMPIONS for 3rd consecutive time.

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