Monday, 12 October 2015


Ambulance is boon to citizens, God sent vardaan(B0ON) to a patient , who needs immediate attention at Hospitals. Patients can be of different types, Pregnent woman for conceiving, accident patients, Heart patients, Paralysed patients to name a few.
As we all know many people die due to delay inbringing them to Hospital. In many such  cases Ambulances acted as Life savers. In a civilised soceity, it has become the resposibility of civilians to help fellow citizen , by giving way to ambulance.
Not giving way to Ambulance  can cost life of person in the Ambulance.
In this connection the Government of Karnataka has issued orders to cencel Driving Licence of those who overtake Ambulance. The chief minister of Karnataka issued the orders and urged motorists and other vehicle drivers to give way to ambulances transporting sick on humanitarian basis.
It is very important to educate civilians about giving way to ambulance. Displaying Handbills in Govt Offices, Public places, propogation of the same in Schools, Colleges, Railway stations, Bus stands etc., and seminars at regular intervels by public Figures.
It is not only the responsibility of  motorists but also the responsility of police on duty to act properly to give necessary signals and traffic contols whenever ambulance passes the signals.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Sri Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple-Kanipakam (Lord Ganesh)

The  Lord of Great Fortune, Lord of Knowlege (Knowladge giver, remover of obstacles, Lord of Begining, .is Ganesha. . What ever be the function Whether it is Wedding or Birth of child,or pooja of any God, is started with Ganesha Puja.As a remover of obstacles in any work or Karya(work) he is prayed and work is started.. Ashrabhyasam, or Vahana Pooja , Satyanarayana Vratam or any fuction is started with the pooja of Ganesh .Ganesh Chaturdhi is important festivals for Hindus. Whereas, all most all hindus does pooja on this day at his house  with family. In many parts of India Pandals  are erected and pooja is done with devotion by forming into groups. In some places they run into Nine days (Ganesh Navaratri).  

The Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayaka is very famous Ganesh temple situated in kanipakam which is 11kfrom Chittoor, AP, Tirupathi 68km, Chennai  173km,Bangalore 180 km in India..

Once there were three brothers each one having handicaps one dumb , the other Deaf and third blind. They were cultivating and earning livelihood.
During that time “picot system” was used to get water from well for cultivation. As one of them was cultiuvating using the plough, other two were operating Piccota System.
On one day they found that since water got dried up in the well they could not continue the cultivation and one them got down into the well started digging for the water, but they founf that the implement was hitting a stone.
On further hitting on the rock they found that blood was oozing out from , and water turned red within no time. Strartled by this sight,before they recoer from the shock , all the three became normal and rtheir deformities were removed. News of this miracle spread in the village like a wild fire. Villagers thronged to the well , on their quest to dig further they found ‘Swayambhu Idol of Lord Vinayaka from swirling water.
As soon as the villagers came to know about this miracle, they thronged to the well and tried to deepen the well further. But their attempt proved futile because the 'swayambhu' idol (the self-manifested) of Lord Vinayaka emerged from the swirling waters.Devotees tendered thousands of coconuts to manifest their happiness.Since God emegged form Kani Meaning wetland and Pakam meaning water Sri varasiddhi vinayaka is named as Kanippakam Varasiddhi Vinayaka.
Even today the well has water and during rainy days it overflows.
The Swayambu Ganapathi of Kanipakam is upholder of truth. Day to day disputes between people are resolved by taking special oath.
There are so many instances where after  taking dip in water and before entering the temple premises  voluntarily accepts the sins committed. . It seems the Lord lawns invisibly on the sinner and makes him repent and feel guilty for his sinful deeds.
The legend behind Bahuda [Baahuda] River
Long ago there lived two brothers Sankha and Likhita. They were on a pilgrimage to Kanipakam. As the journey was tiring, the younger brother Likhita felt hungry. Disregarding the advice of the elder brother he plucked a mango from the mango grove. Sankha felt bad and reported this to the ruler of that area and pleaded for punishment for the sin committed during the pilgrimage. Thus Likhita was punished severely being deprived of both arms.
Later they took bath in the river near Kanipakam temple. Lo Behold! The chopped arms were restored to Likhita as soon as he had a dip in the sacred waters of the river. These incidents lead the ruler to rename the river as 'Bahuda' (Bahu means human arm). Thus the river beside Kanipakam temple is now known as 'Bahuda River'.
Another striking and strange feature of the idol is that it is still growing in size. At present, we can see the knees and the abdomen of the idol. Smt. Lakshmamma, an ardent devotee had offered a 'Kavacham' (Armour) to the Lord, fifty years ago but today it is out of size and doesn't fit.
Thus Kanipakam Lord Vinayaka is upholder of truth and showers his boons on those who are truthful and sincere and his blessing remove the hurdles of life..
Many of the piligrims going to Ayyappa temple , Kerala visit this place on their return.